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-  Villages of Marlborough Board of Directors
~ Announcements ~
Date, time and place of BOD Meetings:
Villages of Marlborough Community Association Board of Directors Meetings are held at Wise High School, 12650 Brooke Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD  20772, Lecture Room 2, Until the end of this year. The next meeting is at 7:00 to 9:00 pm, October 20, 2014. 
In accordance with the Meeting Minutes for the May 19, 2014, Annual Makeup Meeting, there was a unanimous vote by the membership for the Board of Directors to pursue a clear title to the open space (AKA Golf Course), in accordance with the covenant that runs with the land. The Board of Directors ares acting in accordance with that mandate.

The Representatives of the Board of Directors and our attorney met with Consultant Donzell Robinson, Director of Key Bridge Foundation, on July 30, 2014, and August 6, 2014, as requested. The purpose was to find a way to move forward. Mr. Robinson was hired by the Park and Planning Commission at the request of Councilman Darrick Leon Davis to help the investor group, Codale, and VOM to find a way to resolve any differences we may have. One of the many questions asked by our representatives was to define moving forward. We are waiting for an answer.
Mr. Robinson reiterated that the main purpose of the meeting was to explain the process. As far as our side in concerned the process was explained it the covenant that runs with the land. That covenant basically states that if the golf course ceases to exist for 365 days, that open space automatically reverts to the Villages of Marlborough Community Association. The recorded covenant cannot be changed without the consent of a requisite percentage of the entire membership for the community and first mortgagees.
Mr. Robinson mentioned that he wanted to meet with the community to explain the process. The representatives were open to such a meeting. All we need is to set a date and time agreeable to the community. It’s unclear if Mr. Robinson will pursue this option.


Hi, Neighbors:

I had a bad day on August 18, 2014, and it spilled over into that night's VOM meeting. I had problems with my internet provider, msn, which prevented me for sending emails, tech support took too long and didn’t fix the problem, and I was tied up for more than an hour with Geek Squad who was trying to fix it; management kept trying to change the time of our meeting and I couldn’t contact them to get that strengthen out, etc., etc.

At the same time I was trying to prepare for the meeting. I also received emails, two on that day and one earlier in the week, which seemed more like a call to arms for opposition forces to attend that meeting. Because of all these circumstances, I suppose I was more than a bit peeved prior to the meeting, and more than ready for the fight. My behavior was much less than appropriate and I apologize. Not so much for what I said, but the way I said it.

What I can say in my defense is that the meeting took the turn that I expected: an argument about building on the open space that used to be the golf course. This is the platform for which we, the new Board Members were elected. This issue should be over, but for a certain few it isn’t.

There are some homeowners, mostly living in one community whose leadership feels that it is a better situation that 350 townhomes to be built on 104 of the 125.2 acres of open space that, according to a covenant is to revert to VOM if certain conditions occur. Those conditions have occurred. They would prefer building on the open space rather than a 400+ unit apartment building to be built on the 6.4 acres that the same covenant allows the title holder to retain.

The two most vocal leaders of that faction, former Board Members Jerome Cooper and Denise Roberts’ re-election argument was to promote the development of that open space. Mr. Cooper, who lives in Saxony Square/Kingsley Hall, said at an open meeting that he prefers that the development take place on the open space rather than on the 6.4 acres that undoubtedly belongs to the title holder because that 6.4 acres “is right across the street from my house.” Well, many of those 350 town homes will be right in back of our houses.

So, you might say I was primed for the fight and I overreacted. I apologize for my behavior which was inappropriate, but not for my intent. I will work hard to keep my passion for doing the right thing in check. I also will continue to fight against the development of that open space which is what our constituents voted us in to do. Again, apologies.

Thank you,

Villages of Marlborough Community Association, Inc.
Robert Bowers, President 


-- Annual assessments for 2014 have been mailed to homeowners in the community. The annual assessment fee is $110 and is due before January 31, 2014. The annual fee is used to maintain and secure designated common areas of the community and to support community events. After January 31, 2014, all late assessments will incur a $12 collection fee. The collection fee is charged each time ProCom sends out a reminder notice. The cost for collections is not included in the current management contract between VOM and ProCom. Therefore the individual resident must incur the cost for late payments. If you have any questions about your assessment, please contact our Association Manager, Ms. Sue Fetsko at 410-721-0777 ext.165 or via email at

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~ Neighborhood News ~
PG County Council Public Sessions
Posted on Jan 17th, 2014
Meetings are typically held every Tuesday.
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Citizens can call 301-952-3600 to speak to the County Clerk to be added to the agenda.
Future meetings can be found on the County Council website under calendar by clicking here
County Information
Posted on Oct 27th, 2013
Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, the County will no longer accept yard waste in plastic bags as part of an effort to reduce plastic use in the County. Yard debris should be placed in brown bags or loose in trash cans.

What is this new “Stormwater Management Fee” on your property tax bill about and how do you lower it? Click here to find out.
Submit Questions, concerns and issues about the Golf Course
Posted on Apr 16th, 2013
Homeowner are encouraged to submit their questions, concerns and issues about the Golf Course to our Property Manager, Sue Fetsko.
Mrs. Fetsko will forward your submissions to the owners of the Golf Course for answers. If your question(s), concerns and/or issues are not answered or corrected within 4 days, please follow up with Mrs. Fetsko for a status update.
Report a Street or Area Light Outage
Posted on Dec 2nd, 2011
Please click here to link directly to the Pepco form that must be completed to report an outage of a street light. 

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