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The Villages of Marlborough (VOM) Community Association website was developed to serve as an informative resource for VOM homeowners. This website is under review and will be fully operational as soon as this process is complete.
-  Villages of Marlborough Board of Directors
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To: Robert Bowers
Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2015 2:44 PM
Subject: Re: Kings Grant assessment/fees
Hello Robert,
You will be interested in knowing that **************** homeowners (association)  had the "pleasure" of two members from the old board canvassing our neighborhood asking for support for the May 19th meeting.  They are looking for votes to put them back on the Board.  I wasn't home but my neighbor had left me a message.  What was interesting was the guy from the old board who resigned was one of the people.  From my understanding they didn't get much support from my neighbors!  Yeah!

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Hi, Neighbor:
I am shocked!!! Could this be the same Jerome Cooper who resigned from at the very first meeting of the Board with the new Member majority?
Could this be the same Jerome Cooper who, served on the former Board?
Could this be the same Jerome Cooper who, in ccordance with the other former Board Members never signed an access card to any of the bank accounts held by the Villages of Marlborough? Were they that disinterested in what was going on with our money?
Could this be the same Jerome Cooper who, along with the other former Board Members, allowed a $25,000 bank account to go dormant for lack of activity for over a 15 year period? It was only because of the Finance committee established by the new Board President that this money was found, and just in time before it was turned over to the State of Maryland.
Could this be the same Jerome Cooper, along with other former Board Members, who told us that we needed to turn the golf course over to Codale, the title holder of the Marlboro Country Club, because we couldn’t afford the $200,000 a year to maintain the 125 acre area of choice land? When asked how he known the maintenance cost, Mr. Cooper said that’s what Codale told him.
Is this the same Jerome Cooper, along with other former Board Members, who accepted without question, without getting independent estimates or conducting a cost analysis as to just how much it would actually cost to maintain that land? The Finance Committee appointed by the new Board President did a cost analysis and determined that it would actually cost about $38,000 to maintain those grounds.
Is this the same Jerome Cooper who told attendees at a homeowner’s meeting that he was in favor of building on the golf course because if Codale didn’t build there they would build an 400 unit apartment complex on the 6 acres where the foreclosed golf course facility buildings where located? His reason against building on the 6 acres was, “that’s right across the street from my house.”
Now, I’m just trying to be clear, and I could go on with this line of questions for some time. I want to  know how any of the former Board Members with such poor records that greatly contributed to the neglect and abuse of our community, would have the audacity to put him or herself forward for consideration to be on our Board after all the harm, intentional or otherwise, they has caused us.
Another question is who was the other person(s) with him seeking support? Could it have been former Vice-President Denise Roberts? The same Denise Roberts who, with the former Board’s approval spent over $11,000, for a  Community Day Celebration which approximately 100 people attended, many who were not  homeowners, but  guests. That’s about $100 per person. Of that total $750 was paid to two face painting clowns who were hardly busy. We could have hired one face painter for $300. She paid about $800 for two moon bounces, when she could have gotten one for all day long for about $160. She had paid servers to bring food to the attendee's tables at an outdoor event which should have been buffet style. Attendees have told me that we could have done better if McDonalds or Burger King had catered this event. For sure they say the food would have been better.
The saddest part is that when the new Board asked for the sign-in sheets for all past Community Day and Breakfast with Santa events (which $5000 was set aside, not including the $20.00 collected at the door) we were told that there were none.  The next question was how did she know how many people to plan for if she had no records? Ms. Robert’s answer: her personal experience. Could she have been guessing with no forethought as to how much she was spending?  We understand that she organized these events and the former Board authorized the spending of $11,000 + $5,000, money that could have been spent wiser and for a lot less.
We are still looking into how the former Board’s spent our money and on what. Everything from legal fees, management fees, late fees and collections has its own story. If any of these former Board Members dare to run again for a position on our Board, we believe that Homeowners have a right to know their record. We will be happy to share them.
Villages of Marlborough Community Association, Inc.
Robert Bowers, President 
The present Villages of Marlborough Community Association Board of Directors take their positions seriously. We have accomplished much in our first year, but there is so much more to do. VOM has gone through years of neglect, mismanagement, and poor leadership. We are turning a corner, but it isn’t easy and won’t be fast. That’s why it’s important to keep our team together. Our goal is to improve the quality of life in every sub-association in VOM. In order to do that, we need your help. If you are not sure you will attend the May 19, 2015 Annual Meeting, please sign the enclosed proxy and return in to me via email, USPS or drop it off in the envelope attached to my door. My address is 4721 Colonel Ashton Place, Upper Marlboro, MD  20772.

URGENT!!! Are you in danger of being labeled as not paying your assessment fees?

Hi, Neighbors:
As you may know we are being sued by Procom for terminating their contract. Procom and Union Bank in Georgia are being uncooperative in regards to Villages of Marlborough Community Association (VOM)  accessing the remaining account we have at that bank. Even though my name is listed as a signer for that checking account, the bank told me that Procom is their client; therefore the Association must go through Procom for access. Procom informed us through communications with Blackstone that they no longer have anything to do with the account and will not assist.

We are in a predicament. We know that some of you had your bank accounts set up to automatically pay the VOM’s annual assessment. However, without cooperation from the bank and Procom, we cannot verify those payments. Some of you told us you did receive a coupon from Procom for the 2015 assessments and paid it. We are aware that some of you paid the assessments without prompting. Eventually, we will gain access to the account, but in order for us to move forward we need to know who paid assessments to Union Bank’s Smart Street. Without that information, we can only verify those who paid assessments to Blackstone, as we requested that you do.
It is very important that you notify us if you received a coupon from Procom and if you made a payment.
To avoid being cited as delinquent, please let us know if you paid Procom via Smart Street and provide documentation, a copy of payment transaction, check and or coupon of any payment you made. This information will allow us to bring our records up to date and avoid citing you as delinquent. Please respond by May 20, 2015.


Villages of Marlborough Community Association, Inc.
Robert Bowers, President 
Community Yard Sale
I have been asked many times about a community yard sale. The VOM board has its hands full with many, many issues and we just don’t have the time to put it together. Fortunately, we now have a neighbor who is willing and has the experience to set this up for us. We are considering two ways to do it; (1) is for those who are interested to place their sale items in their yard, driveway, or parking space. We could post a sign at the beginning of each block directing shoppers to the homeowner’s location. (2) we can set it up on VOM property and have signs directing shoppers to a central location. (3) Or, we can do both. Those who have a lot of stuff and/or heavy stuff can, if they like put it in the location closest to them so they won’t have to lug it back and forth. Those who prefer to use the central location can do that, too.
We hope to have this done by the end of May, no later than the first week of June 2015. The event will be advertised online and locally. However, before we commit to the work and expense, we want to know if this is something you would be interested in.
Please respond by May 8, 2015.  Sorry for the short fuse, but time goes by so fast.
Villages of Marlborough Community Association, Inc.
Robert Bowers, President 
Do you have a topic you would like to discuss with your neighbors?  Go to the Message Board and get in on the latest discussions or start a new discussion.
Last month four (4) vehicles were reported stolen from the VOM community -- all left warming up in driveways.  This month’s Newsletter contains tips from the Safety and Security Committee on keeping your vehicles out of the hands of thieves.

May 19, 2015 at Trinity Church, Church Street, Upper Marlboro, MD at 7:00pm.

New Management Company
Effective March 31st, Blackstone will replace ProCom as the management company for VOM.  This change will result in significant savings and better services for our community.  Each homeowner will be receiving a welcoming package from Blackstone in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, please continue to contact ProCom.

Earn Community Service Hours
We will be doing litter pick-up along John Rogers Blvd. and Lords Landing Dr. on a weekly basis. We will pick up trash on other streets in the neighborhood as needed and/or requested. We need your help in telling us where the areas are that need litter to be cleaned up. This will be a great opportunity for our young people to earn some community service hours. Please call Maceo Barbosa at (301)-574-0542 to get signed up.
Youth Spotlight on Niya Nelson
Hello neighbors, we are happy to the announce the
Villiages of Marlborough May Youth Spotlight! 
Youth can be recognized for:  perfect attendance in school, making the honor roll, community service, scholarchips, or extracurricular activities. We need you to nominate someone who is attending grade school through college. The nominee must live in the Villages of Marlborough (one of it's twelve sub-divisions). If you know someone you would like to nominate please call Maceo Barbosa at (301)-574-0542.

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PG County Council Hearings
Posted on Nov 10th, 2014
The County Council meets as a legislative body at 10:00 a.m. every Tuesday in the Council Hearing Room on the first floor of the County Administration Building in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

Sessions are available online LIVE and On Demand 24 hours after the meeting has been concluded.

All live council sessions are listed under upcoming events.  
Resources and Information
Posted on Nov 10th, 2014
Councilman Derrick Leon Davis - District 6 (constituent areas include South Bowie, Capitol Heights, District Heights, Forestville, Kettering, Largo, Mitchellville, and Upper Marlboro).  On this site you will find information and resources related to our district.
Delegate Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. - District 23B, Prince George's County
State Senator Douglas J. J. PetersDistrict 23, Prince George's County
Lyn J. Mundey - District 7 Board of Education

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