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The Hakes Lakewood stormwater retrofit project will include the demolition of the existing embankment and outfall structures and reconstructing the embankment and core trench to meet state and county stormwater management standards. This process will also include the installation of a new concrete riser and the construction of a forebay area that will function as a filter to pretreat incoming stormwater before reaching the main pond area. Join us for a discussion and review of this upcoming project and discover how a stormwater retrofit project can benefit your community and the environment.
Date: Aug 10, 2021    Time 6:30-7:30 PM
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Meeting ID: 846 2114 7806
Password: 840219
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VOM has entered into an agreement with the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Mosquito Control Program.  MDA surveillance teams have been out and tested our community.  Our scheduled spray night is MONDAY.  Spray season will run from May 26th through September 28th.   Spraying will begin after dark and may continue until midnight or later.  The State of Maryland will never conduct any spray activity during daylight hours!  If you are outside when the truck passes by, no spray will be released, and the truck will not make another pass down your street. 
The spray schedule will rotate every 3 weeks.  This means that our community may or may not be sprayed every 3 weeks.  The frequency of spraying will be determined by surveillance data collected and complaints received. 
IF YOU DO NOT WANT MOSQUITO SPRAYING you must sign a form and there will be no spraying within 300 feet from either side of your residence.  If you had previously submitted a form, you must submit a new one for the 2021 spray season. 
Community News
As of September 2020, a Quit Claim Deed (dated May 28, 2019) has been filed for open spaces throughout the VOM community with the exception of Parcel "O" located at the corner of John Rogers Blvd and Governor's Grove Rd.  (Deed ref:  Book 44046, pp. 415-430)
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