From the President
As your neighbor and president, I wish each of you a prosperous and Happy New Year.  In 2024, we will continue to move the community in a positive direction.  However, we can’t do it without your input or support.  I am asking every homeowner to get involved by checking the Villages of Marlboro website for meeting times and dates, and news to keep you informed of what is going on in our community from the Board of Directors and not from blogs designed to create an atmosphere of distrust.  The board asks that you come to the meetings and/or read the site to see and hear things for yourself.
It is important that each homeowner pay the yearly assessment. This is paramount if we want to keep the community clean, safe, maintain the quality of life, and protect property values for all owners.  To date we only have approximately 50% of the community paying dues.  This means 50% of our neighbors are not paying HOA fees.  This is not fair by any stretch of the imagination.  Each homeowner is required to pay their fair share.  It is especially not fair for the community to try to function with less and it is equally hard for the Board to plan for the long term and well being of the community.  It is also important that the VOM maintain a reserve fund.  The Board has fought to keep the assessment increases low, and currently at $180.00 a year and we don’t want to raise the fee without need, but with the acquisition of the open areas, costs have risen (maintenance and planned improvements) so it is absolutely necessary that all members of the community pay the yearly assessment to keep our neighborhood sustainable and desirable. 
Thanks and I hope to see you at the next meeting.
Maceo Barbosa