From the Committees
The Villages of Marlborough (VOM) has five volunteer committees.  We were fortunate to have people chairing each of them.  The VOM board decided the committees should not be staffed by no more than five members.  The heavy lifting has been done by current and past committee members.  Other obligations have caused some of them to leave and we appreciate them setting us on the right path and making our community better.  Now we need new members to help us realize our full potential.  
We need volunteers for the committees listed below:
1.  The Open Space Acquisition Committee:   Staffed by selected members of the Board of Directors. 
Purpose: To ensure the Association pursues the mandate (to acquire the open space of the golf course and remove any possibility to build on the property) voted on at our May 19, 2014, annual meeting. The community voted unanimously on the motion and it is recorded in the minutes. 
2.  The Golf Course Maintenance Committee: Staffed by three members originally. 
Purpose: To ensure that the county is aware of the maintenance and safety issues on the grounds known as the Marlboro Country Club.  In the summer of 2014, the Golf Course Maintenance Committee along with the voices of homeowners influenced the county and caused the title holder, Codale, to maintain the ground.  Once the Association has title of the land the Golf Course Maintenance Committee will start a new phase of their mission.
3.  The Finance Committee:  Staffed by three members who did outstanding work. However, due to personal obligations we are in need of new members.
The former chairperson was a banker who got our finances in order, managed our cash deposit certificates and banking accounts. The second finance committee member performed a cost analysis of the maintenance of the 125.2 acres of land to be reverted to the association as decreed in the covenant that runs with the land. The analysis determined that the cost would be approximately $37,000. We could further reduce the maintenance cost by designating parts of the grounds for specific purposes such as a return to nature and reforestation bank. Along selective spending, cost control, reduction in various fees, and a small increase in assessments, we could well afford the grounds as well as enhance safety and quality of life issues.  The third finance committee member, the board treasurer, set up our new banking processes. Because of their work, new members will have a easier time in improving our financial posture.
4.  The Safety and Security Committee: This committee is on its way to fulfilling its mission. There was an uptick in security issues in VOM recently.  We have 1,898 homes in our community, we are larger than many small towns and we have the same problems they have. The Prince George County Police is an excellent force but can't be everywhere. They arrive after an incident has occurred. We need a police presence reflective of our community size regularly patrolling to deter crimes and violations.  We intend to restart the police patrols as soon as we can afford to do so again.  Please keep paying your dues so we can pay off our debt and return to paying for important amenities.  Thank you.
5.  The Communications Committee:  This committees mission is to keep VOM homeowners informed about all aspects of living in the Villages. We have revamped and updated the Villages of Marlborough Community Association website and placed it under a very capable website manager. There are two more elements to be implemented and we expect that to happen soon. One is a Posting Board similar to FaceBook but only available to VOM homeowners. This posting board will be family oriented and deal with issues regarding living in the Villages. The second element of the Communications Committee is a newsletter which will be delivered quarterly to every home. We want to give all homeowners a formal way to make their voices heard.
6.  We are considering creating another committee; the Services, Utilities and Grounds Committee, to ensure that public street and community light outages, unsightly cable boxes, and county and community streets and grounds within VOM are addressed by the responsible parties.
The Board consists of five seats. Prior to our annual meeting, those seats can be filled by a simple vote of the sitting Board of Directors.  VOM Committee members are appointed by the President of the Board.
WE need your help. Work with us to make living in VOM the best possible experience. With your hard work VOM can reach its full potential. Good governance is the key to restoring our quality of life and property values.  Join us to make good governance a full reality here in VOM.  We all enjoy arriving home after a long day. Let’s make that sense of arriving home start as soon as we enter the Villages of Marlborough Community.
Thank you,
Villages of Marlborough Community Association, Inc.
Finance Committe 
Information comming soon
Safety and Security Committe
See updates under the Safety and Security page.