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Community Entrance
Posted on Jul 2nd, 2023
In early June the Board was notified by the Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration, District 3 that they are expected to start working on the repairs to Rt. 725 in late summer/early fall.  We have been told that there are two pipes under the roadway that have deteriorated and will need to be replaced.  This project will be extensive and may require the closure of this entrance while the repairs are being done.  We will continue to keep you informed, as we receive new information.
Medical Center Coming to Upper Marlboro
Posted on May 11th, 2023
Plans have been implemented to develop a 75K square foot medical center on the corner of Brown Station Rd and Old Marlboro Pike.  At this time, the services specialties that have filed letters of intent to practice at this location will be: cardio, spinal/pain management, and family practice/24hr urgent care, with a few more earmarked but not committed (yet).  This project is currently in the initial development phase with plans to start construction near the end of 2023 and opening doors in 2024.  
Conceptual images may be found below for reference
John Rogers Lane Collapse
Posted on Feb 28th, 2023
**Update** during VOM HOA meeting held 6/27, community members were informed that the state engineers heading the road repair project plan to start in August 2023.  This will be a major reconstruction of the underground drainage system beneath John Rogers extending under both incoming and outgoing lanes and will most likely close the entire entrance during repairs; expect to be re-routed to the Brown Station entrance/exit of John Rogers during this time.
As most residents of the Villages know, the entrance lane to John Rogers Blvd has been damaged and closed off for some time.  This is a state road and is of low priority because it "exits" from a state road (MD Rt 725) to a county road (John Rogers Blvd).  However, residents of the VOM community are encouraged to call the MD Highway Dept. to highlight this issue: traffic flow (actually congestion) in this intersection is caused from cars  trying to turn at the light rather than use the proper exit lane, and as winter approaches inclimate weather may lead to safety issues with reduced stopping capabilites.  The contact number for the MD Highway Dept. is (301) 952-0555.  **Use MD Rt 725 at John Rogers Blvd as the location.  
Posted on Jan 18th, 2023
Mar 2023 Update: potential developer has backed out of contract with Codale, Parcel O is up for sale again, listed on residential real estate sites (e.g., Zillow, Redfin, etc.).  It is still recommended to become a person of record (see information and link provided below).
Jan 2023, potential developer has entered into contract for purchase of and subsequent construction on Parcel "O".  Too keep up with planning hearings, EVERYONE may log on to the website and Become a Person of Record . Each individual case must be identified as interested; in the application number block, scroll down the list (alphabetical) to DPLS-22008 VILLAGES AT MARLBOROUGH - PARCEL O.  Complete and submit form to receive notifications for future planning meetings that pertain to any development on this parcel in our community.
Hon. Judge Davey of the Circuit Court for Prince George's County MD has denied the motion to enforce the Court's June 15, 2016 Opinion and Order.  Codale Commercial Funding, LLC may develop or use Parcel "O" as it sees fit and appropriate, as well as in any manner approved by appropriate governmental agencies.  Link to summary provided below.
As of September 2020, a Quit Claim Deed (dated May 28, 2019)
has been filed for open spaces throughout the VOM community
with the exception of Parcel "O" located at the corner of
John Rogers Blvd and Governor's Grove Rd. 
(Deed ref:  Book 44046, pp. 415-430)
Community Trail Network Resurfacing
Posted on Nov 1st, 2022
The resurfacing of the trail system has started. Capital Paving & Sealcoating has been contracted to resurface/repair a distance of approximately 0.4mi. of asphalt trail on the southern side of the VOM community.  The trail runs from the entrance just to the east of Hampshire Hall on Colonel's Choice Rd and runs south along the open field, then turns east/northeast along the border of Marlborough Single Family Homes with trail entrances on Colonel Addison Pl, Colonel Beall Pl, and Colonel Contee Pl.  Photo Album
Stormwater Retrofit Project to start on large pond in VOM Community
Posted on Sep 29th, 2021
4508 Reverend DeWult Place (close proximity)
CONTRACTOR: D&F Construction
Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Saturday 9:00AM - 5:00PM
(as needed to compensate for weather related delays)
Incoming construction traffic will enter onto John Rogers
Blfd From Old Marlboro Pike, following north on John 
Rogers Blvd to Governors Grove where they will access 
the construction site.  The same route will be followed to 
exit the site.
The Hakes Lakewood stormwater retrofit project will
include the demolition of the existing embankment and
outfall structures and reconstructing the embankment
and core trench to meet state and county stormwater
management standards. This process will also
include the installation of a new concrete riser and the
construction of a forebay area that will function as a filter
to pretreat incoming stormwater before reaching the
main pond area.
If you have any questions please contact:
For more information, please visit:
Prince Georges County Council Newsletter