2022 Mosquito Control Program
Posted on Apr 30th, 2022

VOM has again entered into an agreement to participate in the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s 2022 Adulticide/Spray Mosquito Control Program. MDA surveillance teams have been out and tested our community. Spray season will run from May 25th through September 30th. Spraying for adult mosquitoes will be done during night and early morning hours when mosquito activity is at its peak and human outdoor activity is a a minimum. The State of Maryland will never conduct any spray activity during daylight hours! If you are outside when the truck passes by, no spray will be released, and the truck will not make another pass down your street.
The spray schedule will rotate every 3 weeks. This means that our community may or may not be sprayed every 3 weeks. The frequency of spraying will be determined by surveillance data collected and complaints received. ONLINE COMPLAINTS CLICK HERE. 
PLEASE be aware that this program does not target the Asian tiger mosquito (ATM), as they breed in contained areas such as buckets, birdbaths, dog bowls, trashcans without lids and clogged rain gutters. Because of their breeding habits and short flight range (usually no more than a few hundred feet), the source of tiger mosquito problems is typically found in one’s backyard. So, be diligent in emptying any standing water containers that are located around your property on a daily basis. IF YOU DO NOT WANT MOSQUITO SPRAYING you must sign a form and there will be no spraying within 300 feet from either side of your residence. If you had previously submitted a form, you must submit a new one for the 2022 spray season. ONLINE EXEMPTION FORM CLICK HERE
For more information about Maryland's mosquito control program visit the Dept of Agriculture's site by Clicking HERE